Step 1- Consultation

We treat all initial calls as professional consultations. In this consultation we will discuss the issues that most concern you or your loved one. If you decide to continue with us following consultation, we will arrange for a meeting and tour of the facility with the potential resident and their family. If we all come to an agreement that this facility and the resident are right for one another than we will arrange for an assessment to be made by a qualified registered nurse. Assessments need to be made before time of move in.

Step 2- Assessment

A qualified registered nurse or case manager will conduct an assessment of you or your loved one’s physical and emotional health, as well as their current living situation. Information will be obtained by talking to you or your family regarding your personal and medical history. This assessment will provide you and your family with solutions to your caregiving needs by formulating a plan of care that fulfills the loved one’s unique needs.

Step 3 – Move in

Once the assessment is completed and reviewed by the facility, move in can start taking place. At time of move in or prior, the facility and you or your loved one will meet to sign contracts and consents. An inventory of the resident’s belongings will take place. Thirty days after move in the facility will make a detailed care plan tailored for the specific need of the resident. Afterward, care plans will be renewed every twelve months or if a significant change occurs in the resident’s medical situation.